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info Mixcraft 4 December 09' Guitar: Drop-D Bass: Finger Bass (VST)... more
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MixcraftLive Website Reaching EOL - January 2016

admin 11/24/15 17:15:57   System Maintenance comments: 0

admin Hello users, we regret to inform you that the Mixcraftlive.com website will be taken down as of January 2016.

Please remove songs you have no other copy of and do not post any others.

NOTE: We are not accepting new accounts as of this writing.

Acoustica and Mixcraft will still be going strong over at http://acoustica.com

Please feel free to join our forum and post your music in the user showcase forum.

New EP

Matthew Salamon 09/29/15 12:37:47   New Album comments: 0

New EP Hey Guys !
Check out my new EP " SPEKTRUM "
on youtube :
Hungarian Metalcore




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